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Social Development

Social Development and legal rights, planing and targeting the victims  

Public Awareness

Social Development and legal rights, planing and targeting the

M&E, Assessment, Survey and Data collection

in Afghanistan 360 Districts we did many M&E, Data Collection and surveys, with our professional team.

Capacity Building and Trainings

Training on many topics, Child Protection, women’s rights, youth Goals.

Legal Rights

oSDLR is actively involved in country and  contributing its services for the Legal Rights of each Afghan

Humanity First!

Capacity Development

Trainings, Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring...


Community based Education, Girls Education,  Civic Education and literacy...

Legal Rights

Human Rights, Focusing on Women and Children Rights...


3rd Party Monitoring, External and Mid Term evaluation, Assessments, surveys and Data Collection...


Child Protection, Women and Youth Protection... 

Food and Shelter

Food and Non Food Item Distribution, Event Management, Logistics and Shelter. 

We Have more than 15 years Experience 

Organization Social Development and Legal Rights – Afghanistan (oSDLR) is an independent, non-allied, non-governmental, non-political, independent humanitarian organization which has been established in 2007 and is actively involved in social development and legal rights sector in Afghanistan.





Main Donors 


oSDLR - Afghanistan

د افغانستان د ټولنيزې پرمختيا او حقوقي مرستو موسسه