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Social Development

Social Development and legal rights, planing and targeting the victims  

Public Awareness

Social Development and legal rights, planing and targeting the 

Survey and Data collection

in Afghanistan 360 Districts we did many surveys, with our professional team. 


Training on many topics, Child Protection, women’s rights, youth Goals. 

We are Success in our Target, Lets Achieve it!

 SDLR’s path is to improve social and legal protection with special focus on children, women and marginalized groups across the country and support efforts aimed at social and economical development.


Capacity Building, Gender, Child , Women Rights, Youth growth....


Future Plan, Business improvement, Skills Development... 


Child Protection, Women and Youth Protection... 

Vision & Objectives

Contributing to creation of a society where all Afghans enjoy, peace, security, economic, social and educational development.

And have equal access to improved social services, fair rule of law and justice under Afghanistan’s national constitution there by  respecting all international norms and treaties.

We Have more than 10 years Experience 

Survey, Capacity building Trainings, Child Protection Trainings, Women Rights Public Awareness, and Many Projects… 





Recently completed Projects 

We completed all the donor Projects successfully, they are satisfied with our challenging work, achieving the target on time, and given the successful result. 

we are looking forward to work with professional teams. 

SDLR - Afghanistan

د افغانستان د ټولنيزې پرمختيا او حقوقي مرستو موسسه